Radio Shows

  • Law Focus aims to promote awareness and positive action to facilitate social justice and access to socio-economic rights in peri-urban and rural communities. It is the academy‚Äôs longest-running, most widely distributed show, but is being redesigned for 2018.
  • Business Buzz targets youth entering the job market, providing financial literacy, creating awareness and promoting access to economic rights for young people. The show has proved particularly popular with entrepreneurs and serves as a platform to showcase young black entrepreneurs in particular.
  • The Science Inside looks at scientific and technology issues that arise from events in the news in an entertaining way that is geared at younger audiences. Currently only on VoW, we hope to be able to make it available to other partners in 2018.
  • Breaking Ground is a weekly news show on VoW. As it is focused on Wits university news, it is not suitable for other partners. Breaking Ground is a current affairs show on Voice of Wits 88.1 FM that airs every Wednesday evening at 7pm till 8pm. It unpacks stimulating discussions and news making headlines. The shows primary audience is students and the issues they face. The show is produced and hosted by the Voice of Wits News room.
  •  Mind Space (in development). Taking a focused look at mental health. This could have a spin off into health issues, and could lead to a possible piloting of a full health show (Currently Mind Space had delivered a pilot episode and will hopefully include part of the plans of 2018 as a digital podcast series first.)
  • AbaFundi (in development) is our education show and aims to bring greater transparency and accountability to the topic of basic education in rural and marginalized areas. A pilot has been produced with Alex FM.
  • Election news: the academy has formulated a proposal to work with local news teams on partner stations to ensure quality coverage of the 2019 election.

We hope to develop further concepts on the basis of suggestions from members of the partnership.