Doing business at the Financial Mail: the operating relationship between specialized print media and advertisers



This research aims to determine the extent of the influence of advertisers on the function and operations of the Financial Mail and the implications thereof. The study attempts to contribute to existing research on the impact of income-generating strategies on the credibility and independence of print media and on the media’s role in society by specifically looking at the relationship between the publication and advertisers.

The study will proceed by analysing this relationship; how it influences day-day operations such as negotiating deals, placing advertisements and planning special sections. This study will use critical political economy of the media and theories of media production as the theoretical approach in the analysis of advertiser influence on print media.

The methods of analysis include qualitative in-depth interviews which, combined with the two theoretical approaches, serve to investigate the effects of commercialisation on print media and its role in society.



Ndaba Dlamini – MA Thesis.pdf (285.15 KB)






Dlamini, Ndaba