As December unfolds, a time for reflection and preparation for the coming year beckons. Amidst the festive season, consider immersing yourself in insightful literature that offers diverse perspectives on key issues shaping our world. Below is our curated list of December reads, covering topics ranging from political communication to decolonial feminist pedagogy and the impact of digitalisation on education in Zimbabwe and Zambia:

Communication Rights in Africa: Emerging Discourses and Perspectives                            Edited by Tendai Chari and Ufuoma Akpojivi

Explore the integral role of communication rights in Africa within the broader human rights discourse. This collection of case studies across the continent delves into language rights, digital activism, media regulation, and more. A pioneering work, this book offers illuminating insights into the status of communication rights in Africa, appealing to researchers, academics, communication activists, and media practitioners.


Digital Zambia: Mobile Money & More
By Karin Moder

Embark on a journey into the digitalisation landscape of Zambia. Despite challenges, this book explores the relevance of digitalisation in a country rich in natural resources. Offering a unique perspective on digital transformation in Southern Africa, Digital Zambia sheds light on the complexities and advancements in a world constantly shaped by technological innovation.

Platforms, Power, and Politics: An Introduction to Political Communication in the Digital Age
By Bruce Mutsvairo and Ulrike Klinger and Daniel Kreiss

Dive into the transformation of political communication in the digital age. This textbook, with global examples beyond Western democracies, explores how digital platforms, including social media and search engines, are reshaping political communication worldwide. Covering public opinion, journalism, disinformation, and more, this book is essential for students, scholars, journalists, and policymakers seeking to understand the evolving dynamics of political communication.


We Belong to the Earth: Towards a Decolonial Feminist Pedagogy Rooted in Uhuru and Ubuntu
By Nadira Omarjee

Delve into the realms of decolonial feminist pedagogy rooted in uhuru and ubuntu. This book explores the intersections of coloniality and narcissism, offering strategies for reclaiming ontology and epistemology. An insightful read for those interested in decolonizing scholarship and understanding the personal as political.


Media and Technology in 21st Century Higher and Tertiary Education in Africa: Insights from Teachers’ Colleges in Zimbabwe
By Costain Tandi, Munyaradzi Mawere, Martin Mukwazhe

This book critically examines the impact of media and technology on higher education in Africa, focusing on Zimbabwe. From changes in teaching and learning to the challenges brought by the digital revolution, the authors argue for a nuanced approach that addresses epistemological erasures and injustices. An essential addition to debates on media and technology studies in African education.

This December, let these reads broaden your understanding and inspire thoughtful conversations as we approach a new year. Happy reading!