By Kemiso Wessie

Podcasts are an excellent way to stay up-to-date with current affairs and the discourse around them, here are five African podcasts that offer conversational style insight and interviews into the realities of life in Africa.

ConvertKit via Unsplash

Podcasts from the Edge
Peter Bruce, the veteran South African newspaper editor and commentator, delves into the country’s social and political landscape through weekly interviews with leaders and experts. His episodes range from 12 to 45 minutes, commencing with a casual introduction to the topic at hand. Bruce’s discussions are succinct and easily comprehensible, he simplifies intricate events and issues, making them accessible to a broader audience and those with limited time to spare. 

The Crane: An Africa-China Podcast
Tune in to this bi-monthly podcast brought to you by the Dongsheng Collective for a dynamic perspective on China-Africa relations. Join two enthusiastic African hosts as they dive into topics like African astronauts, mining, finance, and diplomacy, offering engaging conversations and lively intros. Get a fresh look at news, events, and debates in China-Africa relations through the eyes of these young and upbeat Africans and invited experts and industry leaders. 

Nipe Story by Kevin Mwachiro  
Nipe (Tell Me A Story) is a biweekly Kenyan podcast hosted by Kevin Mwachiro, bringing you immersive audio versions of short story penned by a variety of African writers. This podcast emerged in response to the scarcity of stories about Africa and its diverse experiences, while also serving as a platform for queer African fiction and realities. At the end of each episode, writers are encouraged to submit their work for potential inclusion.

Focus on Africa
Three must-listen stories to cap your workday, unpacking Africa’s top news, the faces driving them and a global twist from an African lens. Hosted by Audrey Brown every Monday to Friday the podcast’s bite-sized episodes are 20-30 minutes each and dive deep into Africa’s hottest topics. Recent topics include discussions on tensions in Ethiopia’s Amhara region, youth displacement amidst conflict in Sudan, extremism in Cote d’Ivoire and inclusive healthcare access in South Africa. 

Africa Climate Conversations
Africa often bears the brunt of climate change yet contributes the least to it and is now tasked with finding new ways to curb global warming. Hosted by Sophie Mbugua, Africa Climate Conversations is a platform to discuss issues of climate change and environmental justice on the continent by African voices. Episodes range from 20 to 40 minutes with some longer ones and topics so far include wool spinning in Kenya, energy transitions, droughts and floods across Africa, air pollution and climate finance.

If you have any suggestions for podcasts we should be listening to, please share them with us.