By Kemiso Wessie:

-Independent Swedish media development agency Fojo Media Institute at Linnaeus University is launching a new master’s course on media’s role in society and development in democracy and human rights.

The programme, which will run for two years from August 28 th 2023 to June 8 th 2025, will incorporate case studies and reading material from across the world. As such, the university welcomes international students to apply for the course which is offered online and on campus in Kalmar, Sweden. By using a “Glocal-classroom model”, students online and on campus are taught together and follow the same schedule.

Completion of this course will allow students to enter into various industries such as: 

  • Management and development services in the media industry
  • Policies and analysis in national and international political and non-profit organisations or in companies and public authorities
  • Media development and media strategies in the private and public sectors
  • Journalism

During the programme students will gain a deeper understanding media’s increasingly important role and growing impact in regards public service, politics, cultural expression, and social mobilisation. The course will attempt to enable students to become active agents in media development that affects democracy, human rights, and regulation of the media in an international context. Find out more about this new course on the Linnaeus University website here.