On the latest business news, we unpack the midterm budget speech further and the impact of COVID-19 on personal finances.
Zanele Kunene, our financial expert, gives us more insights on the Business Wrap. The Buffalo Index looks at what your R100 can get you.
The COVID business watch looks into how different industries and sectors have been affected by Covid-19 and this week, another entrepreneur shares insights on running a business during a pandemic.

The last Thursday of the month is when we take time to celebrate a young person in SA, 35 years and below doing great things in their industry, business or profession. Our Brand New Heavy for October 2020 is Bonga Masoka, the founder of SplashAfrica, a business that he started in 2017 that manufactures paint. He talks to us about running a manufacturing business, his stance on empowering women and the role his mother played in influencing the entrepreneurial journey.