On the latest business news, we talk about some highlights in the presidential address, COVID relief grant extension, and the state of resource and agricultural exports.
Lebo Phasha, our business expert, gives us more insight on the Business Wrap.
The Buffalo Index looks at what your R100 can get you in professional CV writing services.
The COVID business watch looks into how different industries and sectors have been affected by Covid-19 and this week, Nhlanhla Mphakama, the Head of Bafitlhile MM, shares insights on how lockdown restrictions have impacted the events and marketing industry.

On the main topic, we talk about employment opportunities post-covid. We speak to Lyndy van den Barselaar, the MD of Manpower Group SA, about the macro picture of employment in South Africa. Later on in the show, we speak to Rajan Naidoo, the Head of EduPower Skills Academy, about the different ways in which individuals can increase their chances of employability.