It’s financial planning week and on the latest business news, Zanele Kunene, our business expert, gives us some financial planning tips.
The Buffalo Index looks at what your R100 can get you in property investment books.
The COVID business watch looks into how different industries and sectors have been affected by Covid-19 and this week, Nelly Nkosi, the founder of Infinite Hair and Skin Goodness, shares insights on the challenges of operating a business that sells non-essential items during lockdown.

On the main topic, we talk about Investing in the Property Market. We speak to Jabu Xaba, Head of Sales for Seeff Properties Johannesburg, about the patterns of property sales in the current economic state. Later on, we speak to Andile Fulane, CEO of FutureFin, who shares insights about some property financing platforms as well as getting started on the property investment journey.