On The Business Wrap, Zanele Kunene, a financial advisor at BDO, gives us more insight on the latest business and economics news with specific focus on budgets, both personal and national. The Buffalo Index looks at what your R100 can get for you in the cosmetics market.

The last Thursday of the month is when we take time to celebrate a young person in SA, 35 years and below doing great things in their industry, business or profession.
Our Brand New Heavy for June 2020 is Mbali Sebapu, who is an entrepreneur and CEO of Hermosa Flor which is a cosmetic brand made for women and members of the LGBT community. Before becoming an Influencer, Mbali worked for the SA Navy for 10 years and quit in 2019 to focus on her entrepreneurial journey. She takes us through her journey, business philosophy, support system, advice for young people and vision for the future.