On the latest business news, we talk about the effect of the coronavirus on global markets and its impact on the SA economy, an update on state owned enterprises like SAA which recently went into business rescue, together with predictions about what factors will likely shape the upcoming national budget later in February. Ken Swettenham, our financial expert, gives us more insight on The Business Wrap.

The Buffalo Index looks at your R100 can get when looking the best business advice to get your business off the ground.

On the main topic, we look into entrepreneurial communities and their significance in supporting entrepreneurs and startups. Nadine Chetty, co-founder of Ecomm Accounting Solutions and a QuickBooks trainer talks to us about the importance of small businesses keeping financial records and how their firm has been able to build a community around its clients. Mahlatse Tolamo, an Ecosystem Enabler at 22 On Sloane then speaks about entrepreneurship communities and an upcoming event called The StartUp Huddle, taking place in February aimed at educating and connecting business owners.

The show ends with one of our executive producers, Glory Mabuza, coming in to share lessons on how she has been able to leverage communities in her own business.