Landlessness in South Africa continues to pain many since it touches at the heart of property rights and thus at the core of people’s dignity and belonging. Law Focus this week analyses the legal effects of the unlawful occupation of land (land grabs) along with the link between this land grab and lack of housing. Socio-Economic Rights Institute (SERI) attorney Zamantungwa Khumalo speaks to us about the legal effects of land grabs: eviction, alternative accommodation and the PIE Act. Later on, Mr Xolani Xundu, Communication Specialist from the Department of Human Settlement speaks on the challenges facing the housing department, and the programmes the department has in place, in curbing the lack of housing This week’s Land Grabs and Housing edition of Law Focus is brought to by Wits Radio Academy, produced by Ms Bulali Dyakopu and Hosted by Mr Basil Sherinda. Technical production provided by Mr Kutlwano “Gwinch” Serame.