Listeriosis has claimed 180 lives in South Africa. Listeria is a bacteria that attacks the immune system and is found products like polony and meat products. The bacteria was traced back to the facilities in Polokwane that belong to Tiger. Law Focus this week brings focus to the possible class action litigation that will bring justice to the 180 families. Two Class action experts, Dr Theo Broodryk and Prof Salim Nachjavani from Stellenbosch and Wits University respectively share their views on the state of class actions in South Africa and the litigation approach apt for the listeriosis outbreak. Richard Spoor Incorporated Attorneys’ Thami Malusi explains to us the process that which the firm will take in instituting the legal proceedings. Disclaimer: Prof Salim Nachjavani did not discuss the listeriosis case but only provided views on class actions in general. This edition of Law Focus is produced by Bulali Dyakopu and Hosted by Basil Sherinda. Technical production provided by Kutlwano Gwinch Serame.