After two years evolving and expanding in South Africa Citizen Justice Network is taking their award-winning model to Kenya

It has been over two years since CJN launched and came to life in a six minute pitch in Jakarta. We have been serving communities around South Africa with quality legal content and media training.

And now the project has moved forward again thanks to another event, a shorter time to pitch, a different stage, this time in The Hague, and a new prize. The Innovating Justice Challenge is a large, glass shard of an award. And it is with incredible pride that CJN took it home in November last year. The level of competition was astounding and the partnerships we made with other justice innovators from around Africa will last forever.

So now the question is: how do you scale to a new country? Kenya has a, to put it euphemistically, “vibrant” media landscape (with national TV stations being shut down by the government recently because of their editorial decisions). However, it is a perfect site for CJN. Radio is powerful. Political debate is educated. And the paralegal sector has penetrated every part of the justice process.

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