Since the inception of Labour Broking, millions of South Africans in the working class are on temporary employment for many years. By operation of law, temporary employment is meant to only last for three months. Most temporary employees’ contracts are renewed every three months by Labour Brokers and as a result they are never hired permanently and this means they lose out on the benefits of permanent employment.

Law Focus this week probes the challenges that surround labour broking and the issues that led to the legal battle between NUMSA and the Confederation of the Associations in the Private Employment Sector (CAPES).

Both NUMSA and CAPES join us on the show to speak on their interpretations of the Labour Relations Act. Wits Labour Law lecturer provides expert comment on the legal uncertainty regarding temporary employment.

This edition of Law Focus is produced by Khutso Tsikane. Co-Hosted by Nyiko Shikwambane and Basil Sherinda; and technical production by Kutlwano “Gwinch” Serame.