Melissa Zisengwe

Journalist at JAMLAB Africa and Civic Technology Innovation Network

Melissa is a young budding journalist with three years’ experience, having worked in print and broadcasting in South Africa. She has worked as a student journalist for Rhodes University’s campus news organisations including Oppidan Press, Activate and Rhodes Music Radio. While at Rhodes she also worked for Groccott’s Mail as a content producer in 2016 and at Radio Grahamstown as a newsreader in 2015.
After completing her honours degree in broadcast journalism she briefly worked at lifestyle magazines Spinnercom Media in 2017. In 2018 she worked as a technical journalist/features reporter at Creamer Media for the Engineering News, Polity and Mining Weekly publications. In mid-2018 she left to pursue a new exciting career path at JAMLAB and CTIN. With human beings, there is always a story to tell and my great passion is bringing these stories to light.

Bachelor of Journalism and Media Studies (BJourn), Rhodes University, 2016
Bachelor of Arts, Rhodes University, 2015

Twitter: @NarcissusMZ