NEW 2020 Programme

Wits Development Communication programme is changing in tune with changing times. While the theories remain the same, content reflects the changing needs of communicators from different sectors. Our two block release Honours Level Certificates promote the notion of participatory communication as a catalyst for behavioural change and social development. Students receive a grounding in development communication theory and explore the use of the mass and social media to disseminate information and encourage participation.

These high-level certificates, equivalent to NQF 8, are not credit-bearing but If you obtain an average of 70% for Certificate B and have been accepted for Honours in Journalism and Media Studies, you will be credited towards a course in the degree. Alternatively, there will be other avenues open to you once you have completed. Talk to us.



Module 1: 24-28 February 2020
Development communication in the South African context
The development media environment and media channels
Overview of commercial and community media

Module 2: 23-27 March 2020 
Evaluating development communication tools
Eective use of media releases and social media
Speeches that communicate development

Module 3: 20-21 April 2020
Publishing to communicate development
Writing features and profiles
Critical evaluation of advertorials


CERTIFICATE B (you need to first complete Cert A)

Module 1: 3-7 August 2020
Setting up a communication strategy for development communication
Assessing development communication systems
Reporting development communication initiatives

Module 2: 31 August – 4 September 2020
Civil society and advocacy in development communication
Writing development case studies

Module 3: 5 – 9 October 2020
Development Journalism theory and practice
Writing opinion & analysis for development communication
Broadcasting and development communication
Why Development Communication certificates

The focus is on participatory communication. Community protests testify to an increasing demand to be included in development decisions. The corporate private sector is aware that doing business in South Africa entails communicating its investment in development. In all sectors, development communication demands skilfull employment of techniques, critical thinking and ability to evaluate outcomes within a structural framework


How is the programme structured

Pitched at Honours NQF level 8, the programme is practical and based on measurable outcomes while encouraging critical analysis on an academic level. Assessment will take the form of evaluation of individual assignments and performance demonstrating the application of skills acquired.

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